Provided Services

Custom Jewelry and Repair

One of our most popular offerings – see the section below for more details.

Watch Repair

We are happy to complete your minor watch repairs, such as battery replacements and band adjustments, in house.  To accommodate your more complex watch repair needs, we offer a send out service.

Etching, Engraving, Embossing

If you are giving a gift or want to commemorate an occasion, we add the flair you desire! Our Signature Engraving System can do almost anything – etching your company logo onto a glass mug for your employees, embossing a wallet, etc. All engraving is done in house. Why not etch a wine bottle with a last name and wedding date? We are happy to assist you in fulfilling your own creative desires.

Gold Purchasing

Bring in your old, broken, or unwanted gold jewelry for cash or in-store credit! We test the jewelry for its gold content, weigh it, and offer you a value based on the scrap price of gold on that day.

Our offers are based on the current value of precious metals and are not meant in any way to be an affront. If, for any reason, you’re not happy with our offer(s), you are under no obligation to accept.

Creating Your Vision

Custom Jewelry & Repair

If you can dream it, we can help make it a reality for you.  We partner with a master goldsmith in Lower Michigan with over 38 years of experience in the custom design industry. The quality of his workmanship is unmatched, and we appreciate his expertise.

At Ryan’s Jewelry, you can feel confident when you bring jewelry in for repair. Our goldsmith takes great care with each piece, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing Ryan’s entire staff is equipped to handle all of your jewelry repair questions and concerns. Repairs are typically completed in just ten to fifteen business days (rush service available for a small fee).

Included below are some examples of our goldsmith’s work (renderings, molds, and finished products).